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Traditional therapy sessions take place in my office or from the comfort of your own home if you prefer phone or online sessions. 

When coming to my office, you're invited to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Kick off your shoes and get comfy on the couch! Choose from a large selection of herbal teas available in the waiting room. 

If you choose phone or online sessions, no need to dress up. Stay in your pyjamas or put on your comfiest sweat pants while we dedicate an entire hour to YOU!


Ecotherapy or 'nature therapy' incorporates the natural world into therapy. Because we, as humans, evolved from nature, we are deeply connected to the beauty of the world around us. Getting out in nature aids in stress reduction and improved mood, so why not incorporate it into your therapy sessions!

During an ecotherapy session we will walk together in parks or on trails while blending the talking you'd expect from therapy with forest bathing techniques. 

Worried about not being in good enough shape? Fear not! Nanaimo has so many options available to us that accommodate all fitness levels, and we always walk at your pace. The goal is not to get in a workout, the goal is to connect to your deeper self through the beauty that is around us.